The Passing of a Great Mind

It was with great sadness that I read of Peter L. Bernsein’s death on June 5, 2009. I have known Peter since the 1960’s and 1970’s when he and I appeared together on several programs/panels sponsored by The Conference Board, Annual Analysts’ Societies conventions or the glitzy conferences put on by Institutional Investor magazine.

I have read almost all of his books, and have been a subscriber to his biweekly letter since it was first published. Occasionally I would talk to Peter by phone when I disagreed with him. He usually convinced me that he was right.

There is nobody in the profession whom I have quoted more. He was smart, incisive, provacative, and a really nice guy. I will miss him.


One Response to The Passing of a Great Mind

  1. Nari Yamaguchi says:

    Peter Bernstein’s death was a big surprize for me, too. As you may noticed my name on Acknowledgment section of his book “Capital Ideas Evolving”, I convinced Peter to write this sequel to “Capital Ideas”, which I translated 15 years ago while I was at MA&S. Since I am responsible for making him initiate this project, I promised him to translate “Capital Ideas Evolving”. I have just finished my work, and the Japanese edition will be published in September.
    Best regards,
    Nari Yamaguchi

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