Review of Better than Any Dream

Paul Miller tells all in this well written autobiography. Mightily successful in that period when the stock market went from a rich man’s game to everyman’s retirement, full of love for his friends and family, he tells it all exactly as you know it was. A great read, dispite the chapters on investing and finance, because he never takes himself too seriously. A captain of industry, a benevolent husband and father he is, as he admits himself, just a big kid. He’s obviously enjoyed every minute of his life and the reader will as well. — Mickey Dalton


3 Responses to Review of Better than Any Dream

  1. Buzz Miller says:

    I’m really glad Dad took the time to write this book. Although Dad talks about his fantastic success in the business world, he also spends a fair amount of time talking about his experiences growing up, his marriage to his wife of almost 58 years, his children and his close friends. No doubt about it – Dad’s really smart and a great investor. But that would not have been enough for MAS (the investment management firm which he co-founded) to succeed. When I started working for MAS in 1983, the firm had about 30 people including 6 partners. People working there were all treated like family: warmly and with respect. Their love for my Dad played a huge role in the success of the firm. I think you will really enjoy the book.

  2. Peter Woolsey says:

    Paul Miller Jr was a ‘one off’ an original. I was privileged to know him whilst on a Rotary Fellowship to Wharton, just when his success was begining to go into overdrive. It would be great to learn how he is these days. Peter Woolsey

  3. Ed Thompson says:

    As a distant cousin, the read was a treat. Learned much about our family and my cousin Paul (Bud). Seemed we both elected to discard our kid handles ( Ed/ Jack) and assume our given names. I enjoyed the directness of his writing style and the range of subject matter. I was particularly moved with Paul’s answer to the important question What is Success.

    Ed Thompson

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